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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ocean Homes Mexico located?

Ocean Homes Mexico is located on the gorgeous white beaches within the seaside community of Puerto Morelos, in the Mayan Riviera.  Puerto morelos is a small fishing community, located approximately 15 minutes south of the Cancun airport.

Who are the developers of Ocean Homes Mexico?

Mr. Bob Almon, a Developer/Builder from Fort Worth, Texas, USA and Mr. Ramon Solis who is a renowned architect from Cancun, Mexico.

What does Puerto Morelos offer for Dining?

Puerto Morelos has a variety of dining options.  Many of these restaurants offer outdoor dining adjacent to the beach.

What type of Activities and Entertainment are offered in Puerto Morelos?

Puerto Morelos offers more activities than any other community in the Mayan Riviera.  Water activities include: snorkeling in the calm clear seawater of our Caleta or our freshwater Cenote, snorkeling and scuba diving the beautiful reefs within view of our white sandy beaches, kayaking the calm waters of our marina, deep sea fishing from one of the many charter boats, riding the Caribbean Sea on one of our Catamarans, taking a ferry boat ride to Cozumel or just relaxing by the pool.  Activities available for those desiring to keep their feet on dry land include: walking, jogging, or riding bicycles on the quiet streets of our town.  For those that are competitive, you may challenge your partner or friends in a game of beach volleyball.  Puerto Morelos also has a pollo club!

What is the Check-in and Check-out times?

Check-in time is 2:00PM.  Check-out time is 10:00AM. If we do not have someone arriving on the day you are checking out, you may arrange to stay later.  Also, if you have an early flight you may check-in early.

Do I need to rent a car?

Only if you want to.  You can always rent a car in Puerto Morelos after you arrive if you feel like you need one.

Are there ATM's?

Yes, there is one located in Puerto Morelos next to the gas station and one in the center of town by the pier.  There are many ATMs in Playa del Carmen and Cancun and in all of the major grocery stores.

Do I need Pesos?

Cancun runs on US dollars, you will be hard pressed to find someone whom does not accept US dollars.  Also, most of the stores and restaurants accept credit cards.  However, you might need a few Pesos.  We suggest using credit cards as much as possible because you will get the best exchange rate.

Can I drink the water?

Ocean Homes Mexico provides purified bottle water for short term rentals.

Will I get Montezuma's Revenge?

Usually when individuals get sick in Mexico, it is not from the water but from something they ate - frequently a salad.  The most likely items are cilantro (the curly herb like parsley) or lettuce.  We suggest requesting at restaurants "Sin Cilantro" (NO cilantro).

Remember to wash your fruits and vegetables with a purifier so you don't get sick.  You will find containers of this in the produce department of all grocery stores - the most popular is called MICRODYAN and is in a dark blue bottle - use a few drops in a bowl of purified water and soak vegetables or fruits for 5 minutes....This is the same as the product sold in the USA called "Fit".

Where can I buy groceries?

There is a Sam's Club (Cancun & Playa del Carmen), Costco (Cancun), Wal-Mart (Playa del Carmen & Cancun) and Soriana & Commercial Mexicana Mega (Playa del Carmen - both are nice Mexican grocery chains!!!)  You can use your US or Canadian Sam's Club or Costco membership cards in Mexico.  There is also a good quality fruit and vegetable store in Puerto Morelos at the town square grocery store.  In Puerto Morelos next to the grocery store in the town square is the Fish market a co-op run by the town's fishermen.  Tip:  The pork is very flavorful in ths region Mexico and is used frequently in many local dishes.

Do you supply Beach Towels?

Yes - we have available at least one beach towel per person. We also have a large supply of bath towels.  However we request that you only use the bath towels for inside and the beach towels for outside.

Are there hospitals in the area?

There are two "American Hospitals" AmeriMd Hospital and Hospoten Hospital in Cancun, approx 30 minutes away and are located around the corner from each other, and one in Playa del Carmen.  The Hospoten Hospital in Cancun has MRI & CAT Scan equipment; the location in Playa del Carmen is smaller and is minutes away from the villas located right next to the Playacar entrance sign on the main highway 307.

What about the rainy and hurricane season?

It can rain frequently from September till November even so it usually only rains for a half of an hour or so per day then clears up.  If a hurricane is coming and you have arrived at the project we will at the best of our abilities try to get you a flight out or move you to a safer location away from the ocean.  I cannot stress enough the value to acquiring trip insurance.

What should I bring?

May we suggest buying a Can-Do Riviera may map beforehand.... This map has lots of detailed information and photos of everything available to do; it's better than any guidebook.  Hopefully this will get you excited about your vacation!  The best $8 you will spend.

Sunblock & Bug Spray!!!! We suggest buying Deep Woods Off individual Towelettes for your pocket - great for when you are out to an outside cafe and don't want to spray the food.  Also Safe Sea Sunblock w/ jellyfish sting protection, we usually do not have jellyfish but you never can be too careful and you should wear sunblock anyway! - You can find both at

Remember your MEDS - because you cannot have them shipped to Mexico.

If you prefer a special brand of liquor (especially if you are a Scotch or Canadian Whiskey drinker) - you might not be able to find it and if you do it will most likely be very pricey, so pack it.

DO NOT bring any unpackaged food products into Mexico - especially any fresh meats, fruits, or vegetables - it is illegal and fineable.

Do I need electrical adapters for Mexico?

No, the electricity is the same as the US.

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